The Unternationale

Thursday September 22, 2011
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The Unternationale

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The Unternationale is Detroit born, Berlin transplant singer-songwriter Daniel Kahn and legendary Moscow avantgarde song bard Psoy Korolenko, performing songs in that draw on obscure Russian folk tunes, Hasidic niggunim and Yiddish workers marches from first quarter of the 20th Century and the last quarter of the 19th.

The propaganda woven into the material reminds the listener of a time when such music, progressive politics and the simple needs of the people were closely intertwined. It was prescient enough to know that the problems of those eras would not soon be solved, and indeed many still haven't.

The 'First Unternationale' was recorded in July 2007 in Tel-Aviv by ethnomusicologist Assaf Talmudi (Oy Division) as a new project of post-post-dialectic klezmer for an orgy of -isms: social-, zion-, antizion-, chassid-, national-, satan-, alcohol-, modern-, all in alternating English, Russian, and Yiddish. It's Laibach meets Theodore Bikel.

Kahn is the frontman of the politically charged Brechtian cabaret/klezmer band The Painted Bird and is joined by by Russian poet-singer Psoy Korolenko (Pavel Lion), whose European Jewish experience is a metaphor of transcultural identity and ultimate otherness. Kahn writes like the rainy ghost of Woody Guthrie hitched a ride with Tom Waits to New Orleans, spilling accordions, ukuleles, busted pianos, and broken dreams all over the road from Brooklyn to the bayou. With special appearance by Michael Alpert of Brave Old World.

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Adam Davis
Skokie Theatre
7924 N. Lincoln Ave
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